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Residents, relatives and staff are involved in planning nursing care. Care is given according to the Nursing Care Plan that is developed after various in depth assessments of abilities and needs and we encourage ongoing input from relatives and friends. Care Needs are discussed with the charge nurse, Care Coordinator, Director of Nursing & Activities Coordinator with family or nominated Next of Kin during admission and then as needed. This ensures that you are aware of all the information needed to help you feel comfortable with Westgate Aged Care.
Recreation is considered to be an integral component of our care delivery. The program operates 6 days a week, 9am–5pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 2pm-5pm. A Dementia specific program is coordinated by trained staff ensuring quality care, with a focus on the ‘wellness’ and abilities of our residents. Activities are planned for large groups, small groups and individuals. Leisure profiles are completed on each resident ensuring that previous interests and skills are nurtured.

Family and friends are especially encouraged to participate in this program. You will find that sharing your talents and time with our residents is a very rewarding experience. Concerts, small group outings, visiting clergy and community visitors are all part of the program.
The visiting doctor is the choice of the resident or his/her representative. However, if the resident has moved from another area, their usual doctor may not visit. We can provide you with a list of doctors who already visit Westgate Aged Care to help you choose a new doctor. Emergency medical service is provided by a visiting locum service as nominated by the GP, or if necessary, an ambulance trip to the nearest available Hospital Emergency department.
A qualified physiotherapist is employed at Westgate Aged Care 2 days per week to help residents maintain mobility and dexterity. They also assist in the ongoing training of staff in regarding the safe movement and transfer of residents.
We have a Podiatrist who visits Westgate Aged Care every 8 weeks at no additional cost to the resident.
We have a hairdresser who visits weekly. The hairdressing fees are displayed on the notice board. Requests for any special Hairdressing will need to be given to the RN on duty or the Reception.
Occasions may arise when a resident is referred to a specialist, or has an outpatient appointment. In this case, relatives must accompany their family member to the appointment , or arrange for an escort (as per the Hospital Policy). Please discuss with this with the Director of Nursing(DON) or relevant Registered Nurse(RN).
An Optometrist is available to visit on a needs basis, and every resident is assessed after admission and then annually.
A visiting hearing audiologist is available on request for resident assessments. Arrangements can be made for external appointments also.
A Dietician will evaluate residents dietary requirements on a regular basis and monitor and advise Westgate Aged Care about our menu. Multiple dietary requirements can be catered for cultural specific food available on request.
At Westgate Aged Care, we have a Multicultural staff with Multilingual talents capable of communicating with residents who may not have English as their first language. We also provide a Multicultural and Holistic approach to resident care where appropriate.
Multidenominational Religious services are conducted at Westgate Aged Care.
All residents have the right to access complementary or alternative therapies. Residents are supported in this, although it is wise to keep your Doctor informed of alternative therapies as some medications can be affected by some therapies.
Dental visits can be arranged on a domiciliary basis. If you have your own dentist, please feel free to visit them. A visiting Dental technician can assist with the care of Resident’s dentures and we will arrange for the permanent labeling of dentures to prevent them being misplaced.